Real Estate Inspections

Buyer? Seller? Agent? No matter which one you are, we’ve got you covered. It is important to know as a buyer or a seller the condition of your crawlspace. Below is how the inspection will work.

  1.  Schedule a real estate inspection on our website or via phone (980-800-3190).
  2. Send over the inspection report if there is one so we can be well aware of some of the issues we are going to be looking at. 
  3. Inspector will arrive on time at the requested address, greet the homeowner, buyer, seller, or agent. spend 5-10 minutes talking about some of the issues.
  4. Inspect the entire crawlspace thoroughly.
  5. Send report with quote attached the SAME DAY!

What are we looking for?

  • Water intrusion, moisture issues, fungal growth
  • Dry rot, termite damage, improper structural work
  • Hanging, falling insulation
  • High moisture
  • Standing water
  • Anything out of the ordinary

Schedule an Inspection Today!

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Pricing Information for buyers and sellers
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