Mold Remediation

Mold can only develop in damp environments, which includes your crawlspace. Mold buildup in your crawlspace is one of the common problems many homeowners in Charlotte encounter. Excess mold accumulation in your basement can present serious problems to you, your family, and your property. 

At Dryworx Waterproofing, we have a team of knowledgeable, certified, trained, and experienced workers ready to provide mold remediation near Charlotte, NC. With us, rest assured that you will have a mold-free basement all year long. 

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What Causes Mold in Your Crawlspace?

Mold needs nutrients, water, oxygen, and the right temperatures to develop. Nutrients for mold are present in dead organic materials such as wood, paper, etc. And most importantly, mold needs moisture. Moisture is the main issue when it comes to mold. Humid environments allow mold to thrive. When mold thrives, it destroys crawlspaces. 

  • A temperature between 77° F and 86° F
  • Damp, humid, and wet environment
  • Mold spores, which are already in the air
  • Mold starts to grow above 60% relative humidity
  • Natural elements, such as wood

Do you need Mold Remediation? 

Mold may be present in your crawlspace or basement and affect your day-to-day life even if it is not visible. 

Mold varies in color. Mold can be white, brown, black, blue/green etc. If you see something like this in your crawlspace or basement, it is best to contact DryWorx so we can come evaluate the severity of the issue. 

Mold is a wood destroying organism. When it thrives in the crawlspace it starts destroying all the wood components it lives on. Mold can keep growing under your home for years without being noticed by property owners until they’re too far gone that it permanently damages your property.

How serious is mold in my crawlspace?

Mold can send deadly tiny spores into the living room when it takes over the crawlspace. Inhaling them can cause a variety of issues, including itchy eyes, asthma, bronchitis, and even migraines in you or your loved ones. Mold can also make it difficult for your loved ones to breathe.

Is mold under my house normal?

This is a perfectly typical moisture content that will not enable the formation of fungus. Because crawl spaces in the Southeast United States are not aired, high humidity and fungus spores can infiltrate the enclosed space beneath the home.

Is it common to have mold in my crawlspace?

Mold can grow in a variety of places in the home, including basements and crawlspaces. Many households spend little time in their basements and rarely, if ever, look into their crawlspaces.

Odors Coming From Crawlspace or Basement?

Mold can cause sweet and musty odors depending on its type. A mildew odor is another indication of mold growth in your crawlspace or basement. If you experience these odors contact DryWorx for a free inspection and we will be sure to come out and give a full evaluation of the quality of your crawlspace. 

Health Issues

While some types of mold may not be harmful, even non-toxic molds can cause allergies like asthma and sinus issues. If you have health problems, there’s a good chance that mold is growing in your crawlspace or basement. 

Mold has been linked to more than just health problems: it can also cause structural damage to your home. The general decay of your property due to mold can shorten its lifespan significantly.

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