Crawlspace Vapor Barriers

Attention to Detail & 100% Ground Coverage

Here at DryWorx we are dedicated to excellent service and doing a thorough job. We also understand the need for covering as much ground as possible. That’s why we always aim to install our vapor barriers with as close to 100% ground coverage as practical.

For each of our projects, we also ensure that:

  • The vapor barriers are well-fastened
  • Vapor barriers can be upgraded to encapsulation
  • The vapor barriers seams are fully taped

Equipped with the Best Vapor Barriers Available

Thin, flimsy barriers are easily torn and do little to protect your space from moisture and vapor. They will only cost you more money. We do not recommend any vapor barrier lower than 12mil. From light-duty to heavy-duty polythene, 12 mil-fiber to 20 mil-fiber, we choose only the best vapor barriers for your crawlspace. Whether it’s crawlspace vapor barriers or crawl space encapsulation, you can always expect a job done right, with the best vapor barriers available.

A Vapor Barrier is a MUST!

Every home with a crawlspace should have at least a vapor barrier. In most states it is required by state code. Without one, your home’s foundation is in danger and it could lead to costly repairs.

Clean Enough to Crawl in!

After we’re done expect to see a clean, debris-free crawlspace that is good enough for storage! We believe in going above and beyond to give you a clean, moisture-free crawlspace. Once we’ve installed a good, crawlspace vapor barrier, you can say goodbye to rodents and other animals building their homes and leaving their waste within your space. 

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crawlspace vapor barriers - charlotte, nc - dryworx crawlspace waterproofing 2
crawlspace vapor barriers - charlotte, nc - dryworx crawlspace waterproofing 2