Crawlspace Waterproofing & Encapsulation

A crawlspace is an area underneath your home that’s similar to a basement. The difference is a crawlspace has outside ventilation.

Unlike a basement, most crawlspaces vary in height from two feet to around standing height. They may consist of a concrete or a dirt floor.

The problem with a crawlspace is the open vents can allow moisture and pests to enter your home. This is where crawl space encapsulation comes in handy.

If this is a new concept, you’re probably wondering, “what does it mean to encapsulate a crawlspace?” Crawlspace encapsulation is a process of lining your crawlspace with heavy-duty polyethylene. The polyethylene barrier covers and seals the floors, walls, and, in some cases, the ceiling of your crawlspace.

By encapsulating your crawlspace, you’ll reduce damage from moisture and prevent unwanted pests from entering your home. Some crawlspace professionals will recommend adding a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low.

Who Needs Their Crawlspace Encapsulated?

Anyone with an open or old crawlspace can benefit from adding crawlspace encapsulation. Here are a few of the most common reasons homeowners will invest in encapsulating their crawl space:

    • Prevent water damage
    • Prevent the growth and dangers of mold
    • Prevent the growth and smell of mildew
    • Lower home heating and cooling costs
    • Prevent “sweaty” windows
    • Prevent damage to the foundation
    • Eliminate the risk of pest infestations

Adding crawlspace encapsulation will improve the air quality in your home while improving healthy living conditions. Encapsulation will improve the structural integrity of your foundation. It does this by preventing water from building up along the foundation of your home.

You can enjoy hardwood and tile floors that are comfortable to walk on all year. Encapsulation adds a layer of insulation that keeps your floors warmer during the winter months.

Finally, encapsulating your crawl space will boost the value of your home. It offers many great benefits by making your home safer and more comfortable to live in.

*Additionally, some homeowners prefer to have their crawlspace encapsulated with spray foam insulation. We offer this service as well as the barrier.

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