How Crawlspace Problems Progress if Left Unattended Denver, NC

Crawlspaces are one of those spaces in the home that are often overlooked. Many homeowners tend to ignore crawl spaces even when they notice problems. However, problems with crawl space waterproofing are not going to go away when you ignore them. In fact, it is best to contact a waterproofing professional to deal with the issues in their early stages. The problems will otherwise only continue to get worse.



If you’re grappling with whether or not you should contact a crawlspace waterproofing contractor to deal with your crawl space problems, check out how these problems progress when left unattended.

Early signs of crawl space moisture problems

· Mold infestations and rot

Mold and rot are problems that many homeowners experience in the early stages of water seepage in their crawlspaces. Many ignore the musty smell that comes from their crawlspace. However, both rot and mold can have a serious impact when left unattended. Mold spores can cause your household to develop respiratory problems. Rot can compromise the integrity of the structure of your foundation.

· Pest infestations

Pests such as rodents and cockroaches thrive in humid environments. You are therefore likely to be dealing with a pest infestation if you have a damp crawl space. Rodents and cockroaches carry disease causing agents that can make members of your household sick. Pests such as termites will cause structural damage to wooden structures in your crawlspace.

· Increased utility bills

A humid crawl space will result in higher humidity in the upper levels of your home. A humid home is much harder to heat and cool. This means you will spend much more on your energy bills. In addition to this, heat will leak through your crawlspace to the outside causing you to use more energy to heat your space. You may also begin to experience higher water bills if exposed water pipes in your crawlspace burst or begin to leak.

Extensive damage

· Flooding

If you don’t invest in crawlspace waterproofing you should be prepared to experience flooding in your crawlspace. You may find yourself having to pump water out of your crawl space on a regular basis.


· Extensive structural damage

The damage resulting from a damp crawlspace isn’t confined to the crawlspace. If left unattended, you could soon see extensive damage to other parts of your home. For example your floors may begin to warp or sag, your doors may no longer fit properly and you may notice cracks in the walls in your home.

If you’re still putting waterproofing off, you should know that this problem won’t go away. It will only get worse. Have a professional attend to the water problems while they’re still in their early stages to avoid expensive repairs.

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